Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You Know

Things over here are hectic -- we're babysitting a five-month old Pitt Bull puppy! We hadn't planned to, it just kind of came upon us. A girl in my daughter's class had to go with her entire family to her grandmother's funeral in Florida about three weeks ago. On the morning they left, their pitt bull puppy ran out the door and disappeared. They looked for him, but had no luck and finally had to leave to get to the funeral.

Two days later, my daughter found the puppy and brought him home to take care of him. She called the girl and their whole family was excited to know that Deuce (the puppy) was well. We said we'd take care of him till they got back.

Well, that was three weeks ago and they're still not back yet! I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm beginning to feel imposed upon. The puppy is sweet and cute -- but he chews everything and tinkles on the remains -- constantly!

He has changed my impression of Pitt Bulls, though. I always thought of them as mean, fighting dogs, but Deuce is the goofiest and sweetest thing you can imagine. He does have powerful jaw muscles, but is very good tempered (a lot easier to get along with than our Jack Russel terrier!). I realize now that dog fighters intentionally mistreat their dogs to teach them to be aggressive and to fight. I guess any dog would do so if mistreated enough.

Our dogs get along with Deuce okay -- but he's a puppy and wants to play ALL the time. They get tired after a bit and go off and hide. It's interesting how our cats are coping. Usually, a cat goes Ninja on a dog once or twice and the dog learns not to bother creatures armed with sharp objects. Deuce is too goofy to realize he's been cat-battered, though; he keeps wanting to play. Once the Ninja treatment doesn't work, our cats go ... well, catatonic; they then become dog chew-toys (or slobber-toys). We have to constantly remind Deuce "Don't eat the cats!

The cats pretty much live on top of their cat tree right now. It's been sweet -- but I'm hoping Deuce's family gets back soon!

On to the reading -- We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card.

The cards are:

Five of Pentacles
King of Swords

Out first card, the Five of Pentacles ususally suggests some tough times or experiences. Normally, these are really troubled situations, not just perceived wounds. The interesting thing about a Five of Pentacles situation is that it also suggests that the solution to escape the situation is readily available. This really tells you that you have some strengths and resources you may not be aware of that you can bring into play.

What are these strengths? Well, let's ask our next card -- the King of Swords. We've seen him recently in a reading -- do you remember what he's going to say? "Don't ask stupid questions -- you already KNOW what your strengths are!" The King's not too subtle or tactful; he doesn't care about bruised feelings. He gets straight to the point and he's always correct. (It's good to be King!)

This is actually a very positive message -- should we find ourselves in a really problem spot, we don't have to despair. We already have everything we need to pull ourselves out of that sort of situation -- we just need to honestly look inside and find the positive tools and attributes ready for us to put into play. Each one of us is WAY stronger and more capable than we think!

And that's about it this week; I look forward to seeing you again next week. As always, if you're interested in a private reading, please check out some of the super readers I work with -- they offer a free video chat, too!


Anonymous said...

Today is 10/02/07; reflecting on the reading for 08/17/07; it was so true!. I was under this manager woman who would constanstly harass me for no reason. I would evaluate my situation -7 of coins- but I was not happy with it. I was awfully unhappy. I thought and I thought on how to escape from her
-page of coins- Until a crisis came; I could not stand her any more, in that crisis, I requested to be transfered to another place... Well; finally I was transfered... Then, a reading came about that time that was so appropriate! as of coins reversed... Yes! it was a new start, but not the right start... Yes! Beautiful reading.... Thank you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to enjoy your readings for some time now due to reasons expressed by the first card but now I, (myself) know the fix was at my fingertips and the
solution within...this the second card. Did you pull these two cards just for me?
So glad to be back.....darla*

PuuurrrMoon said...

I wanted to let you know ... It's hard but our animals all go to a good place too... And tyvm for the email readings. Blessings

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