Thursday, April 26, 2007

Look Up!

I hope this week's been treating you well. Mine began in an interesting way -- I was supposed to be in Canton, Ohio for Monday morning. It's hard to get to Canton from Houston, so I had to leave home at 8:30 Sunday morning to fly to Cleveland so I could drive to Canton and get there before dark. It's not that long a drive, but I had never been there before so I wanted to leave a few hours of "just in case" time!

Monday morning as I was eating breakfast, I get a phone call ... "Where are you? You should be here by now" I explained it was only 7:30 and I was almost ready to leave the hotel in Canton. "Canton!? No, you need to be in Cambridge, Massachusetts!" Hmmm ... they kind of left that part out and left in the part that said "Canton, Ohio".

Anyway, it was almost as hard to get to Boston from Cleveland as it was to get to Canton in the first place. Surprised me because Cleveland's a Continental hub and I expected it would be easier.

Anyway, it's always nice to visit Cambridge. My hotel is right across the street from M.I.T. You can watch the morning rowing teams in the Charleston from the hotel! Best of all, there's a Legal Seafood restaurant on the same block! Best clam chowder ever! That's all I've been eating all week!

On to the reading!

We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card.

The cards are:

Eight of Pentacles
The High Priestess (Reversed)

The Eight of Pentacles is one of my favorite cards -- it gives me a real "comfort" feeling. The picture shows a young apprentice hard at work. The key here is that the apprentice is completely and totally enjoying the experience -- he's not feeling that he's "working". He's having fun, he's being creative, he's learning, he's doing what he wants to do. Think of when you were young and your Mom or Dad let you "help" them with a task. You felt completely absorbed and productive (even if you were probably making a mess!)

Whenever we're in this sort of situation, we become so focused on our task that we may not notice other things around us. This can be a blessing -- because we're completely into the creative process -- but it is an imbalance. In general, we should strive for balance.

On the other hand, "balance" doesn't mean we have to straddle the middle all the time. We can swing one way, then swing the other direction. When you average the two, you're in balance! So -- it's okay to become involved in a task ... even almost to the exclusion of all else ... as long as we don't stay there forever!

Our second card -- the Reversed High Priestess -- emphasizes this point. This card is a patient and calm card -- it tends to see the big picture rather than being drawn in by one or two points. By seeing the big picture, we see things that other may miss.

The key here is the "rather than being drawn in -- or focused -- on one or two points" and the Reversal! This points out that we need to be wary of spending so much time focusing on something -- even if it enthralls us -- that we'll miss the big picture!

Focus, mental toughness, and discipline are great -- but don't let these assets get in your way of seeing the total picture! It's okay to closely watch something you find interesting -- as long as you occasionally pick your eyes up to see what's happening around you! If you don't, you may look at at some point to find out you've missed the bus completely!

And that's about it this week; I look forward to seeing you again next week. As always, if you're interested in a private reading, please check out some of the super readers I work with at I also welcome your comments at!

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Kay Dennison said...

oh my! You were in Canton? I live there and would have loved to have met you. I've subscribed to your readings for a very long time and enjoy them thoroughly.

Woodsong said...

Thanks for the kind words, Kay! I didn't spend much time in Canton (since I was in the wrong city), but it would have been nice to meet. Good hearing from you!

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