Thursday, August 31, 2006

Focus on Your Goal -- But Not Tool Much!

Hi there!

I hope your week's been going well; I've been up in Boulder, Colorado this week. The town's a lot smaller and a lot flatter than I had expected -- it's right at the foot of the Rockies. The mountains rise up from the rear of the town, but the town itself is on a fairly flat plain.

I confess I drove by the Ramsey house -- it's a lot different from what I expected as well. It's about 4 or 5 blocks from the University of Colorado campus. The neighborhood is about what you would expect from a campus neighborhood; lots of smaller older houses for student housing and a handful of larger older ones for professors and university administrators. The yards aren't very large; it's certainly not the "mansion" described in the press.

Had to go into Denver yesterday for a "half hour" meeting with our sales folks. I hate meeting with sales folks -- they always take way to much time to do way too little. First off, they were 2 hours late to the meeting. Next, you couldn't have a conversation longer than 45 seconds before their cell phones would ring. Next, any slightest distraction would send them off on a half-hour tangent talking about golf and nights spent partying. We had about 15 minutes of of real work we needed to do. By 5:00 pm (I had been there since 10:00 am), we still hadn't finished up. They had planned a night of fancy restaurants and night clubs where we would finish -- I said "No thanks, see you later", and drove back up to Boulder (through Denver 5:00 rush hour traffic!) where I finished my part in about 5 minutes and then went to bed!

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We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card.

The cards are:

Knight of Pentacles

Five of Cups

The Knight of Pentacles is a real-world card; he's steadfast and stubborn. He doesn't rely on fancy schemes or tricks to achieve his goal; he just plods straight ahead and works hard to get where he wants to be. I've always said that if he played football, he'd be a lineman, not a quarterback.

One thing to consider about this knight -- sometimes he tends to have blinders on. Because he's so focused on the goal in front of him, he may not notice other opportunities or quicker resolutions available to him. It's important not to let the extreme attributes of this card dominate your performance.

When we look at our second card, the Five of Cups, we get a slight hint that this might be our focus. The Five of Cups is often considered a "sad" card -- it usually refers to a sense of loss, or a sense of change - where you may long for what has passed. Along with the “sad” message is a “glad” message also - while you may no longer have some things, you still have other fine assets. Often, the tendency is to emphasize what is missing - when what you might try to do is emphasize what is remaining.

This tendancy to focus on what's unavailable makes it likely you'll miss what is available. Just as the Knight of Pentacles doesn't see resources around him, the Five of Cups also misses these available resources.

We might want to be wary of situations where we feel we just don't have the tools or assets we need to accomplish whatever task we're engaging. In these cases, take a moment to look around and reconsider your plan. It just may be that there are available resources that you've missed because you've been so focused on your goal.

And that's about it this week; I look forward to seeing you again next week. As always, if you're interested in a private reading, please try my sponsors above or my list of readers at . I also welcome your comments at !

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