Thursday, December 15, 2005

Close Tough Decisions

I hope your week's been going well. My Microsoft Office decided to quit working -- had to go through hoops to uninstall and reinstall it. Finally got it working again late last night! I can't wait till Linux takes over the Microsoft world (probably won't happen -- but I can hope!)

My son's up in Great Lakes, IL (basically north Chicago); I've been teasing him about the weather up there. Just found out I've got to go to Chicago for all of next week -- I guess he'll be getting payback. I figure I'll get snowed in at the airport and will spend Xmas in Chicago.

Two airports I try to avoid in the winter -- Chicago and Cleveland. When your ticket says you're connecting in Cleveland, you'd best plan on spending the night there because your flight will either be delayed many, many hours or simply cancelled.

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We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card.

The cards are:

Judgement (Reversed)

Chariot (Reversed)

That's two weeks in a row we've drawn two Major Arcana cards. When I see an excess or a sequence of Trumps, I always figure the deck is telling me to "Pay attention, this is important!"

Judgement suggests making decisions -- probably those tough ones that you've been putting off. You should be straight and honest, but you should also make a stand. This is usually tough to do (after all, that's probably why you've put it off!), but there are benefits. One major benefit is that it frees you -- you no longer have an unfinished matter hanging over you. Judgement is good about closing issues -- it can often suggest forgiving others for past transgressions; maybe it's time to leave the past behind and move on.

The reversal recognizes how easy it is to say this, but how difficult it is to do. Perhaps this is a good time to examine your situation and see if there are any areas where a tough, but honest, application of Judgement might benefit you?

Our next card might help us a bit. The Chariot is a "Win" card -- it suggests prevailing over an obstacle by virtue of your will. This is a nice way of saying "being just too stubborn to give up". You can prepare all you want, but if you don't have the will to pull it off, you're not going to. The Chariot acknowledges that you CAN overcome problems -- all you have to do is stick it out.

Again, we have a reversal -- again recognizing how easy it is to say, but difficult to do! Perhaps realizing that success is possible -- if you're willing to stay the course -- might make it easier to get through those tough spots?

Bottom line, consider those tough decisions that vex you. If you're willing to ride it out, you can address those issues honestly and fairly -- and close them out so you can move on to better things!

And that's about it this time! I hope things go well for you this week and look forward to talking to you again next week. As always, if you're interested in a private reading, please try my sponsors above or my list of readers at . I also welcome your comments at !

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