Thursday, September 29, 2005

Woodsong Reading - Post Hurricane Rita

Hi there!

I hope your week's been going well -- we've had a little bit of a hurricane adventure over here. Things aren't quite settled yet, but they are looking better.

We had decided to weather the hurricane at home in Katy; about 1:30 last Thursday morning, we saw the revised hurricane Rita path was going to pass directly over our house, so we decided to evacuate instead. By that time, all the roads north and west out of Houston were already totally clogged, so we went east instead to Baton Rouge.

We escaped the terrible traffic problems the other 3 million suffered, but it still took 9 hours to make a 5 hour trip. Of course, Hurricane Rita shifted course again to miss Houston and clobber the Texas/Louisiana border instead. We had some strong winds in Baton Rouge, lost some trees, and were without power for four days.

We finally headed back home late Tuesday night -- stacked 15 gas cans on top of the car and made the trip. For about 45 miles each side of the border, it looked like a black hole. No power, no lights, empty cities, no gas, no nothing. Lake Charles and Beaumont were completely empty and closed. Much of the developed land south of Interstate 10 just wasn't there anymore -- it was a very scary sight.

Got back home for a few hours, then had to jump on a flight to Ohio for work reasons. Still haven't caught up on missed sleep.

I think the lesson here is that you simply can't evacuate a large city in a couple of days. If it happens again, we're staying home. Most of the people in Texas who died from the hurricane died on the highways in the traffic jams -- scary.

How about some quick words from my sponsors, then on to the reading.


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We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card.

The cards are:

King of Swords (reversed)

Strength (reversed)

The King of Swords suggest competence, capability, and knowledge. The King of Swords always knows the right thing to do. Problem is, he's also a little impatient -- the right course is obvious to him and he feels it should be obvious to everyone else. When you ask him a question, his answer is usually "What a dumb question -- you should know the answer!"

The thing is, he's usually right -- we normally do know the answer, we just don't want to admit or accept it. It might not be the answer we'd like, but we still know what's right. Since our King is reversed, I think this is really emphasized -- if something is troubling us, we probably know the best way to address it, but we might not want to accept that answer.

Our next card, Strength, can help us pin this down. The Strength card doesn't really mean physical strength, it speaks more of inner strength of conviction and purpose. Strength would accept a course of action if it felt it was the right thing to do -- but a reversed Strength might have difficulty accepting what we really know is right ... just like our reversed King.

I think these two cards simply emphasize the same message -- if something is troubling us, we probably already know the best course of action to address the problem. But ... we may find it difficult to accept the answer -- perhaps it would force us to look in places we'd rather ignore. Perhaps we feel we might fail; perhaps we feel it would be too difficult. These may all be true -- but that doesn't mean it's not the right thing to do. Sometimes there is no easy way out ... just the right way out. We need to be prepared to take the hard road at times -- and the payoff is usually worth it.

And that's about it this time! I hope things go well for you this week and look forward to talking to you again next week. As always, if you're interested in a private reading, please try my sponsors above or my list of readers at . I also welcome your comments at !

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Anonymous said...

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H&S said...

Hi Woodsong,

I justed wanted to say that I have been receiving your readings for some time now and was pleased to hear that you and family came out of Hurricane Rita alright.

I am certainly glad that we don't have major hurricanes like the USA.

Take care,
your Aussie Reader

jon said...

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