Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Woodsong Reading

Hi there!

I hope your week's been going well -- I'm still trying to get my back door installed. Got stood up last Wednesday, last Friday, and again yesterday. Giving the installers another try this afternoon. I've got this huge piece of plywood nailed over the hole in the door -- I think I like the plywood version of the door better than when it was full of glass.

Went to San Antonio this past weekend for some Riverwalking, Margaritas, and back-to-school clothes shopping. The outlet malls north of town always have great deals and the clothes are different styles from what we can find around here -- making my daughter happy.

Got sleepy on the drive back and stopped for coffee -- realized that Texas coffee isn't really very good. Way too weak. The proliferation of Starbucks means you can find good coffee anywhere now, but it used to be quite different. Louisiana coffee was consistently good (Community Coffee -- we used to give it for presents to our out-of-state friends!), but many others were just too weak. If you can see the bottom of the cup when it's full, then it's too weak.

How about some quick words from my sponsors, then on to the reading.


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We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card.

The cards are:

Seven of Pentacles (Reversed)

The Empress

The Seven of Pentacles often suggests pausing and evaluating your current position. Whenever you evaluate a situation, you may determine to continue your present course - or to make changes. Since the card is reversed, it could suggest difficulties in making this evaluation -- perhaps something is blocking you from viewing your situation fairly and impartially. It could also suggest some reluctance to change if you feel that change is necessary.

Lets use our second card to get a finer tune. The Empress is an earthy card -- it revels in the senses and the pleasures of the body and the earth. It can suggest a kind, mothering influence. Normally, this card encourages us to embrace our connection with the world of nature.

The Empress might suggest we consider our connection with family when we perform our Seven of Pentacles evaluation -- particularly those family who rely on us for care. It could also suggest we consider our interaction with the physical, earthy world when we consider possible enhancements to our course of action. Perhaps we might spend a little more time enjoying the outdoors; perhaps we might try to relax by gardening or planning some new landscaping. If our evalution shows that something is missing from out lives, then we should strongly consider the Empress when we look for those missing pieces.

And that's about it this time! I hope things go well for you this week and look forward to talking to you again next week. As always, if you're interested in a private reading, please try my sponsors above or my list of readers at http://www.woodsongtarot.com/readers.html . I also welcome your comments at http://woodsongtarot.blogspot.com !

Woodsong --
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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that i enjoy the woodsong readings that i receive weekly. I am happy to see there is someone who is so accurate, and willing to lend advice... keep up the great work, i look forward to all the upcoming readings!

spiritualprincess said...

I really have enjoyed the free readings since I have subscribed some time ago (a few years maybe). Sorry to hear about your door, it must be that mercury retrograde thing going on, lol. I like your personal touch letting us inside your life. It brings a family feel to your letters. Thankyou again.

Anonymous said...

Thank so much for these great readings, They are so accurate and down to earth.......

I have been receiving them for over a year now and i still look forward to reading them.....

Thank you

jon said...

hindu astrology info is so cheesy but we were looking at it anyway...why i dont know. I guess it is fun to play around online. Anyway, I saw your hindu astrology posts and though it was cool...Alright, well...have a great night, I am back to hindu astrology surfing LOL : )


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